Another Winner


We are excited to announce that the winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card & Free Copy of The Proposition is (do you hear the drum roll) Amanda P.

Congratulations Amanda! Enjoy your shopping spree and hot romance!!

Thank you everyone for participating and sharing this hot giveaway with your friends and family. It was a huge success. There will be a new giveaway starting soon. So check back for all the exciting details!

Another Hot Giveaway

You Deserve Something Naughty and Nice.

In honor of The Proposition hitting the bookshelves, we are giving away a free copy and a $25 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner. Enter now and spread the word!

Giveaway Details

To enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway
Dates: October 10th – 15th
Prize: Sexy Romance & $25 Amazon Gift Card


How the Fat Girl Got Thin Update

Kindle Scout has officially rejected How the Fat Girl Got Thin. Honestly, I was surprised and not surprised. Most of the books that seem to be published are genre series. Even the books that come with the tag literary fiction seem more genresque than literary. My novel is unusual and targets a specific group of readers. I was hoping that my excellent page view statistics would convince them to take a chance on it, but all my best efforts didn’t work. It took me a few days to recover.

Now, I’m back with pizzazz and rearing to go. How the Fat Girl Got Thin will be released in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted as we become closer to launch date. Thank you for all your support and believing in the novel.

The Kindle Scout campaign was quite a ride with all of you on board!!


The Caffeinated Winner

I’m excited to announce the winner of the $25 Starbucks Gift Card. Sara S. nominated my novel How the Fat Girl Got Thin and won!

Congratulations Sara S! Thank you for your support! 

Closet to 700 people entered the giveaway, making it our biggest one yet. Thank you everyone for entering. You made it a huge success.

My Kindle Scout campaign has officially ended, but there will be other giveaways coming soon. I’ll keep you posted!!

The Morning After

My Kindle Scout campaign ended on Friday and since then I haven’t known what to do with myself. Checking my stats every hour had quickly become a habit and on Saturday I found myself lethargic. Except I have a 1-year-old to take care of and being sleepy doesn’t fly with an exploring toddler. I won’t hear the results for up to a few days to as long as a few weeks. I’ve decided my husband is going to open the email.

Before the results are in, I want to thank everyone for their support. 30 plus days ago I had no idea what the journey would entail, but now that I’ve reached the end of it, I’m glad to have done it. How the Fat Girl Got Thin will be published and this makes me extremely proud.

I’ll post the results as soon as I know.

A million thanks!!