Day 3 of the Kindle Scout Campign

Nominate – How the Fat Girl Got Thin on Kindle Scout

I’ve only been on this ride for a few days, but already the highs and lows have been extreme. First of all, it’s hard to promote oneself if you’ve never actually done it before. The learning curve of integrating the different social media sites with your promotion takes time. Constantly reaching out to friends and family takes initiative and just when you think you have a handle on it, a new day arrives and new efforts begin. But I’m happy to report that How the Fat Girl Got Thin is Hot and Trending on Kindle Scout. I’ve never been considered hot and trending before, but the thrill of viewing this on a minute-to-minute basis makes me so thankful for my supporters. And a little spicy.

I’ve also realized that I’m having flashbacks to my fundraising days in San Francisco. When I began as a fundraiser, I had no idea the work involved. What I did have was good organizational skills and a drive to succeed. I’ve started to look at the Kindle Scout ride as a fundraising campaign.

In the spirit of fundraising, I’ve decided to try a giveaway to boost nominations. My love for Target runs deep, so the reward will be a $25 Target Gift Card. I want to give the thrill of shopping with the satisfaction of reading. Now, we need a pint of Ben & Jerry’s as the cherry.

The Giveaway will start Sunday, August 21st at Midnight PST.  It will be hosted through a Rafflecopter giveaway and entry requires only a few clicks to nominate my novel.

In the meantime, please oh please, nominate How the Fat Girl Got Thin.


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